Bradley David wrote at 16:13 on 31 January 2009

Dave's the man, passed first time thanks to him, great pass plus instructor too, brilliant lessons and a great bloke, definatly recomend!

Cheers Dave

Laura Owen wrote at 21:12 on 29 January 2009

David is an excellent teacher, patient, gets easily annoyed with the word 'sorry' when you go wrong, and is fun and easy to get along with.

Love you xxx ps... im definatly free from 9th til 13th March, so book me in for a few refresher sessions Dave... and ive given you plenty of advance warning now, so no excuse! :)

Thanks xxx

Adam Bennet wrote at 23:16 on 26 January 2009

David is an awesome guy, very patient, understanding and seriously good at teaching people to drive, I'm proud to of been a student of his

Tara Marklow wrote at 22:29 on 25 January 2009

Great insstructor, always couldnt wait for my lessons. Passed first time. thourough lessons. Ready for my test as quick as he could. Deffo recomendable!!!