Before you can drive:-
When we first meet, I will need to check your provisional license and ask you to read a number plate to check your eye sight (Remember it is an offence to drive with uncorrected defective vision).

Have you driven before ?
If you already have some driving experience then a part of your first session will be an assessment lesson, where I can get an idea of the standard that you have already reached, and you can get familiar with my vehicle controls.

You have no driving experience.
If you are a complete novice then our first lesson will be on a quiet road fairly close to your location, where we will go over the cockpit drill (the routine that you should follow every time you enter the vehicle to ensure that it is safe and secure and to make sure that you are seated correctly, with your mirrors adjusted properly). We will then go over all of the controls needed to safely manoeuvre the vehicle, following a briefing on M.S.M (Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre), blind spots, moving off and stopping we shall then practice actually moving the car away from the side of the road driving a short distance before returning back to the roadside and stopping safely.

Please note the above is only a guideline, there are many different levels of competence between each driver I take on, please remember it is my job to assess your driving ability and then give you the required training to bring you up to the practical standard required by law.